Advice Centre News Top four ways to get in shape without hitting the treadmill

Top four ways to get in shape without hitting the treadmill

Top four ways to get in shape without hitting the treadmill

According to recent research, the UK population is now 20% less active than in the 1960s and, if this decline continues, is set to be 35% less active by 2030.

Findings from a recent survey by body sculpting specialist Sculpsure reveal that 66.8% of people in the UK do not go to the gym at all.

So, why are so many Brits shying away from getting in shape?

Bami Kuteyi, founder of Bam Bam Boogie Dance Fitness said: “People are seeking out more ‘fun’ exercise options now as it’s all about the aesthetic of the experience, especially for millennials where things need to be “Instagrammable” to even consider attending. In addition to this, society is going through a body positive movement where it’s no longer about aesthetics and how much weight you can lose, but instead, it’s about building your confidence.”

If you hate the exercise you’re doing, you’re unlikely to put as much effort in and you will be less motivated to leave the house to go to the gym in the first place. Fun and different exercise classes are on the rise so choosing something you enjoy should be much easier. Here is a range of fun ways you can get into shape without even realising you’re exercising:

1. Twerk After Work

If you want a full-body workout and enjoy dancing, Twerk After Work is a new fitness class aimed at people who are bored with traditional exercise classes or are looking for a less militant way to get fit and lose stubborn fat. This class combines HIIT, cardio and meditation practices for a full-body workout while dancing to Top 40, Afrobeats, Soca and Dancehall music.

The classes were founded by Bami who was frustrated by the lack of diversity, inclusion and fun in the fitness industry.

Bami commented: “The physical benefits of Twerk After Work are that you get to build up your cardiovascular system through burning up to 600 calories in a 60-minute session. You can also grow your glutes and legs through low squatting, twerk movements.

“The mental effects are that you feel much happier, more confident and lighter in your body due to the effects of the positive environment in the classes as well as the endorphins releases and the general party vibe! I also leave a portion of every session free for meditation and positive affirmations so all attendants leave feeling ready to achieve anything and everything!”

2. Burlesque

When you’re bored with exercising in the gym or you feel too intimidated to step foot in the gym in the first place, burlesque classes may be a good alternative. Burlesque classes are not only a great way to get in shape, but they will also help you to build your confidence too.

Getting through the door might be hard to do but, once you’re inside, the classes are full of women in the same position and who are ready to support you and encourage you.

Kimmie Mellor (aka Cherry Lace), owner of BomBomb Fitness said: “The great thing about burlesque fitness classes is that you are in a safe space, with ladies just like you. Burlesque classes are for all ladies, regardless of age, ability, size or shape. Our youngest student is 19 and our eldest is 67! The classes are split into sections, the first is cardio and toning to upbeat girl power tracks that raise our heart rate and tone our arms, core and booties! We then spend the second half of the class learning part of a fabulous burlesque-inspired routine.

“If you’re trying to shift stubborn fat, my advice would be not to give up and vary your routine! Our bodies get used to doing the same thing so try and do something different; if you’re a runner, try weights, if you’re a weightlifter, try yoga. Take the leap, be brave and expand your exercise routine – there are plenty of options out there!”

3. Aerial fitness classes

Aerial classes are extremely effective at toning your upper body and core muscles whilst burning a large number of calories and they will also provide you with an opportunity to learn something new and have fun.

Hanging from an aerial hoop has a similar effect on your body as Pilates and yoga because it engages your core and helps to improve stamina and flexibility. By attending these lessons, you may start to find running or yoga much easier as your muscles and strength improve.

Danii Sosta, owner and lead instructor at Flight Aerial Arts commented: “Hanging from a suspended steel bar or ring, you will learn to climb, pose and hang upside down in your aerial hoop or trapeze class!”

“My students usually start with aerial because they’re looking for a way to lose weight, or build strength. But this quickly develops into a desire to nail that latest trick we learnt in class! Aerial is addictive and you never feel like you have to drag yourself to a class.””

4. Doga

Doga is a class that allows you to practice yoga while bonding with your dog. By releasing your own tension, stress and anxiety, you help your dog to feel the same and feel more secure. Doga’s not about forcing our dogs into yoga positions, it’s all about helping you both to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Mahny Djahanguiri, the UK & Europe’s leading founded and author of DOGA – Yoga for you and your dog, said: “Doga is mainly for humans but it’s a great way for owners to strengthen the bond that already exists between you and your dog. If you’re stressed and tense, your dog will pick up on it and it will show in their behaviour. Yoga is a great way to relieve this tension and helps to make your dog feel relaxed while also spending extra time with them.

“There are a range of benefits of Doga including being able to bond with your dog by trying something new together. It helps you both to get the exercise you need by getting up and moving as well as teaching your dog important relaxation techniques to help them stay calm in their everyday lives. And finally, you and your dog have the chance to meet other like-minded owners and their pets.

“It might not be a heavy workout but Doga helps you and your dog get used to exercising. It will help you to build muscle and, if you attend regularly, you will start to see the fat disappear from your waistline and help your dog to absorb the calmness. For your dog, Doga aids with digestion, sleep and helps to prolong their lifespan.”

Be realistic about shifting stubborn fat

It can be frustrating if you’re working hard to shift that last bit of stubborn fat and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but it’s also important to be realistic about how quickly you can lose it. In addition to exercise, the trick is to make healthy eating part of your lifestyle and stick to it as much as possible.

Fiona Comport, marketing communications manager at Sculpsure, said: “If you’re working hard at a gym class a few times a week, regardless of whether you enjoy it or not, it can feel like nothing you do will shift stubborn fat. This can leave you feeling as though nothing will work and can be demotivating so treatments such as Sculpsure can be a last resort to get rid of those last few areas of stubborn fat and help confidence.”

If you’ve already made positive lifestyle changes and you still can’t seem to shift that stubborn fat, non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as SculpSure can provide an effective solution for reducing those stubborn areas of fat. This treatment is permanent as it physically dissolves fat cells to create a long-term slimmer silhouette.

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