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SculpSure vs Vanquish

What is SculpSure and what is Vanquish?

Vanquish uses radio frequency technology to heat fat cells under the skin. It is a similar technology to SculpSure, but takes more sessions and is less targeted.

The main difference between the two procedures is that SculpSure takes far less treatment sessions to achieve results and uses a slightly different technology. SculpSure uses heat via lasers to compromise fat cells, and Vanquish uses radiofrequency to compromise fat cells. SculpSure’s laser technology can be considered more efficient than radiofrequency.



What is it?

Non-invasive procedure that uses lasers to denature fat cells under the skin.  Non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to heat and denature fat cells under the skin.

Invasive or non-invasive?

Non-invasive. Non-invasive.

Treatment duration

25 minutes for multiple areas. 30 minutes.

Number of treatments

1-2 sessions. 4 -6 sessions.

Uncomfortable sensations?

Sensation of deep warmth with potential of mild, short-term soreness. Sensation of deep warmth with potential of mild, short-term soreness.

Marks on the body

No marks. No marks.


Get up and go treatment. Get up and go treatment.


Little to no side-effects. Minimal side-effects.


Results take 6 – 12 weeks to take effect. Up to 8 weeks after final treatment. Treatment happens across 4 -6 week period.

Anaesthesia needed?

No. No.

Number of Treatments



One session of SculpSure usually suffices. This is because multiple areas can be treated at once. If you want to treat your flanks and your stomach, this can be done at the same time. At least four sessions are required to see results with Vanquish. Normally patients will have between four to six sessions. A week must be left between each sessions so you will need to book in weekly appointments for up to six weeks.



SculpSure takes 25 minutes to treat one area and multiple areas can be treated at one because of the set-up of the machine.
For example, both flanks can be treated in the 25-minute session.
Vanquish takes thirty minutes. Since the pad used is reasonably large, multiple areas that are next to each other can be treated at the same time.

Uncomfortable Sensations



During treatment you will initially feel a cooling sensation, followed by a deep warmth and/or tingling. You will be able to continue with your ordinary day after the treatment, though some patients describe mild soreness that does not interfere with their day-to-day activities. The sensations of vanquish are similar to that of SculpSure. According to commentary on, patients will experience a sensation of warmth during treatment. Most reviewers do not describe Vanquish as painful.

Marks on the Body



Since SculpSure uses a laser, there will be no marks left on your body. There is no suction during the procedure so you won’t have suction marks or scars of any sort. Vanquish does not leave marks on the body.




No immediate rest or recovery procedures are needed with SculpSure. No rest or recovery is necessary after Vanquish treatment.




No long-term side effects. No bruising. Patients may have some short-term swelling and mild to moderate tenderness. Vanquish does not cause bruising, though can cause some mild swelling or inflammation and similar tenderness to SculpSure.

Anaesthesia Needed?



Since SculpSure is non-invasive you won’t need any anaesthetic. Vanquish is also non-invasive so no anaesthesia is needed.

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