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Where on the Body Can You Have SculpSure?

Areas of the body suitable for SculpSure


Studies have shown that two brief treatments six weeks apart can dramatically reduce fat under the chin and jawline and tighten the skin. Note that the procedure is approved for patients with a BMI of no higher than 42.


Struggling to shed that last bit of fat around your midriff? SculpSure has great results in helping patients to achieve a flat, slim stomach. If you have an excess of fat or sagging skin, however, consider having a tummy tuck first and SculpSure later.


Although the procedure is yet to be FDA-approved for treating the arms, many doctors are finding it effective at reducing fat in that area. Because the SculpSure machine has four small applicator heads, it’s possible to treat both arms at the same time, within 25 minutes.

Male gynaecomastia (‘man boobs’)

If the fullness around this area is fatty tissue and not glandular, SculpSure is an option. It’s designed to destroy any fat, and providing that the device is kept a sufficient distance away from the bony ribs, the procedure should be fairly painless.

Love handles/ flanks

Perhaps the most stubborn area for people who are otherwise in shape, love handles can be treated in one or two 25-minute procedures. Treatment time can vary depending on the size of the patient and the number of diode lasers needed. But patience is required—many doctors caution that the best results might not show until up to 12 weeks later.

Inner and outer thighs

SculpSure can treat both these areas effectively, and you can expect a 20% to 25% reduction in fat. While some patients need just one treatment to get the results they want, many opt for further procedures. The thighs tend to experience more swelling than other parts of the body, so the results might take longer to show.

Treating multiple areas of the body

With SculpSure, it’s possible to treat a number of areas in a single session. However, certain parts of the body may require a second or third session depending on how tough the fat cells are.

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